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How To Use Retail Store Fixtures

Managing a retail store requires an assortment of skills, including how to use retail store fixtures. As a manager, your job is to highlight the store's products in a way that makes the shopping experience enjoyable for the store's customers. While the assortment of merchandise certainly impacts the effect the store has on clientele, it's the arrangement of the merchandise on the store display fixtures that has the most impact.

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The Importance of Store Fixtures In Retail Marketing

Good quality store fixtures are often overlooked by retailers. While most of us are familiar with the concept of feng shui, the notion of using high-quality, free-standing display units that are in-sync with the rest of the display units in a store seems to be lost on many retail managers.

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Improve Customer Experience With Great Store Fixtures

The experience your customers have in your store depends on more than just your service - it also depends on the aesthetics and the environment you present to them. You can use store fixtures to make your customer's experience even more satisfactory. Customers really respond to design that is creative, unique, and represents your branding. Here are some helpful design tips that you can use in your own store.

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How To Incorporate Your Branding In Your Corporate Headquarters

When putting together the interior design for your retail store's corporate space, it's important that you maintain the elements of your company's branding. You want everyone who visits your headquarters to know what you stand for and what you have to offer, and the design of the space will have a big effect on how visitors feel. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate brand elements in a corporate headquarters.

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MW-SF Installs Sustainable Lighting System at Manufacturing Facility

The company recently completed installation of a new state-of-art lighting system at their manufacturing facility that doubled candle output and reduced lighting electricity consumption by 40%. The system uses over 300 occupancy sensors to regulate lighting in low traffic and use areas and can change floorplan configuration from a remote console.

MW-SF Is the Recipient of AT&T 2008 Superior Excellence Award

In August 2008 the company was a recipient of the coveted AT&T Superior Excellence Award for Supplier Recognition. MW-SF joined a list of elite companies recognized for providing unsurpassed customer service.